Hey, would you like to know all that I’m trained in?              Here it is in a giant blurt and in random order just for fun!


Non-violent communication (NVC)                                                 Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) Trainer and Consultant  Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Trainer                                                              ISVOR Dilts Leadership Model                                                                    Motional Processing                                                                                               Huna Kane Hawaiian bodywork                                                                   Theater of Witness – real life stories on stage                                                  Theatre of the Living – interactive community theatre                        Cranio-sacral therapy                                                                                         typing (learned in High school)                                                                   listening skills (from Doug Lipman)                                                              conflict resolution (from NVC)                                                                              The Art of Exotic Dance for the Everyday Woman                               knitting (learned when I was eight)                                                      presentation skills                                                                                                   fluent in Italian

So what do I actually offer from all of this?


Breakthrough Coaching                                                                                      Training – Communication and presentation skills                               Storytelling                                                                                                    DreamBuilders workshops                                                                                    Book Yourself Solid Business Coaching (coming soon!)


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