Annie Hart brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.  Some say she’s unstoppable but actually we’ve seen her stop at red lights on occasion.

She has spent a lifetime travelling around the world like a gypsy, gathering great stories, meeting wonderful mentors and ignoring as many rules as she possibly can!

She has been known to run with scissors and once laughed outloud at a stuffy tennis match and was reprimanded for it.  But fortunately that has not stopped her from being big, bold, fiery, funny, outrageous and out of the box.

So as all great pioneers have done, Annie finally decided that if you can’t join then, then you start a movement of your own.

So if you are bold, unique and out-of-the-box too, then you’ll feel right at home here in the Wonderful World of Annie Hart, which is really your world too!

Welcome home.


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